Test Vectors for E-mail Header Protection

Here you can find test vectors for end-to-end cryptographic protections for e-mail.

They refer to the formats described in draft-ietf-lamps-header-protection.


If you can take screenshots of any of these messages with your Mail User Agent (MUA) of choice, that would be great! Don’t worry if you can’t get to every message – any screenshots at all are better than none.

Even MUAs that offer no cryptographic capabilities would be good to see (at least for the no-crypto* messages and the smime-multipart* messages).

Here’s how:


These messages use example LAMPS cryptographic objects found in draft-ietf-lamps-samples.

To be able to verify the signatures in these messages, you’ll need to import and be willing to rely on the LAMPS RSA Sample Certificate Authority to identify the author of an e-mail message.

To be able to decrypt the encrypted messages, you’ll need to import Bob’s PKCS12 object into your mail user agent. This PKCS12 object is encrypted with the simple ASCII string bob.

Online Access

The test vector messages can be accessed in a read-only IMAP mailbox at:


Any password should successfully authenticate to this account.

Download Formats

The sample messages are also available for download in several different formats: